SEO Positioning

Google decides if your content is relevant or not according to the user who searches.

Working together with social networks, and web design our goal is to make your website appear within the first results and thus increase web traffic.

What is SEO?


Google is a complex machine that has an algorithm based on patterns. Our team works on those patterns generating quality content to achieve the objective.


When a person enters a term, name or keyword into the search engine, what the search engine does is to organize and display the first 10 results to the user.


The search engine makes permanent changes on your engine, so it is necessary to be aware of these changes in order to correctly optimize the site.


200 Factors

Google has an algorithm that processes the information on your website. For the site to rank, it depends on 200 factors.

If most of them are met correctly, there is a high percentage of probability that the site will appear in the first places.

SEM Positioning

The acronym stands for: Search Engine Marketing.

When we say SEM, we usually refer to paid advertisements within search engines.

Advertising Campaigns

The advantages of SEM is that it allows us to create ads within the search engines and thus quickly publicize the accommodation.

You will be able to compete directly with your competition, the return on investment is short term and also allows you to bring the right traffic to your website.

Our team will take care of optimizing all Google Ads advertising campaigns.